I am a busy husband and father and work as a professional commercial truck driver. My lower leg started having some pain and discomfort that would not go away. I began seeing doctors as they tried to find out what was going on. Eventually I met with a vascular surgeon who discovered blood flow was restricted to my lower leg. The doctor explained that the restriction in blood flow could not be corrected and I would need an amputation. The news was devastating at first. My wife and family gave me hope and courage and I made up my mind to press forward with life. I had the amputation and the team with Del Bianco P&O visited with me in the hospital and answered my prosthetic questions. When the time came they helped me select technology that matched my needs and the demands of my family life and profession. I am now back to life with my prosthesis! I am comfortable in my prosthetic socket and my prosthetic knee and foot work great. I cannot thank Del Bianco P&O enough for their time and expertise.

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