Limb Salvage and Neurorecovery Dynamic AFO

Limb salvage and neurorecovery devices are made of carbon fiber – the same material used in prosthetic running feet. The material’s stiffness keeps patients stable in standing and assists them with walking and running by storing energy and returning it to the patient, like a spring. Our practitioners have received training from experts in dynamic bracing at centers of excellence in Washington, California, and Texas. With state of the art facilities we analyze how our patients walk and provide the necessary training to help them achieve their goals.

Limb Salvage Dynamic AFO

​Patients requiring a custom Limb Salvage AFO typically have severe pain in their foot and ankle, resulting from deformity or a traumatic accident. This type of AFO maintains the foot and ankle in an optimal anatomical position, redistributes weight-bearing forces away from the painful areas, and helps the patient to walk with a near-normal walking pattern.

The patient above had his lower leg crushed by a forklift in a work accident and now has severe pain in the foot and ankle which limited his ability to walk. With his Limb Salvage AFO the pain is significantly decreased and he is now able to walk and exercise.

Neurorecovery Dynamic AFO

Some of our patients have lower limb muscle weakness and foot and ankle deformities due to a stroke, Charcot Marie Tooth disease, cerebral palsy, or other neurological conditions. These patients often benefit from a custom Neurorecovery AFO. This device substitutes for muscle weakness while holding the foot and ankle in a comfortable position.

Both patients shown below are affected by Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT). Both ankles and feet are flaccid, causing instability and exhaustion when walking. With a Neurorecovery AFO on both legs they are now able to walk with much more stability, less exhaustion, and are now able to traverse hills and stairs with minimal difficulty.