Cranial Remolding

The prospect of cranial remolding treatment for your child can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you through the process. At Del Bianco P&O, we utilize scientifically backed methods to correct your baby’s head shape. Using a 3D geometry digitized system, a scan of your child’s head will be thoroughly analyzed by our clinician and discussed with you. If a cranial remolding orthosis is recommended and you wish to proceed with treatment, your child will be fit with an FDA cleared device called a STARband. Instead of having to use multiple helmets to complete a patient’s treatment, more than 98% of patients with plagiocephaly can reach their clinical goals with just ONE STARband.

Additionally, we know that you are vigilant about choosing the members of your baby’s care team, and experience is a big part of that decision. Our cranial remolding specialist has successfully treated hundreds of patients with plagiocephaly and craniosynostosis, and is a proud member of the Orthomerica AllSTAR team of cranial clinicians. This clinical network is made up of exceptional clinicians dedicated to the care of infants with deformational plagiocephaly and post-operative craniosynostosis using the STAR® Family of cranial remolding orthoses manufactured by Orthomerica Products, Inc.

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What is Positional Plagiocephaly?

(Pronounced play-gee-oh-sef-uh-lee)

Plagiocephaly is the medical term for when part of a baby’s head has a flattened appearance. Also referred to as “Flat Head Syndrome,” plagiocephaly can affect the symmetry and/or proportion of the cranium. Studies suggest that up to 20% of babies have an abnormally shaped head. Two of the most common presentations of plagiocephaly are shown below.

Severe Right Sided Plagiocephaly
Severe Brachycephaly

Plagiocephaly is classified by severity of the head shape. If the head shape is considered mild or if the head shape is more severe but the child is younger than a certain age, repositioning techniques may be recommended in an effort to correct the head shape. If these conservative measures are unsuccessful or if the head shape is classified as moderate to severe, in most cases, a cranial remolding orthosis is recommended.

Cranial Remolding Orthoses

Cranial remolding orthoses are devices that go by many different names (headbands, helmets, cranial bands, etc.) but ultimately aim to meet a single goal: encourage symmetrical, proportional growth of the skull. At Del Bianco P&O, Orthomerica’s STARband is our go-to cranial remolding orthosis. With specific features including a ½” foam liner, modification strategies implemented by your clinician, and a full coverage design, the STARband is intended to fully correct your baby’s head shape with only one device.

Over 98% of plagiocephaly patients meet their treatment goals with just ONE STARband! No other cranial remolding orthosis provides this outcome. This also presents a significant cost-savings to you in comparison to other providers who may suggest the use of more than one headband.

A visual of how the orthosis works is shown below.

Clinical Support for Cranial Remolding

Here are some professional organizations which have published material in support of cranial remolding programs like ours:

  • American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists (AAOP)
  • American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS)
  • American Nurses Association (ANA)
  • American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
  • American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons (ASMS)
  • Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS)
  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)
  • National Institute of Health (NIH)

What Does Cranial Remolding Treatment Look Like?

Initial evaluation: In the office, you will answer questions about your child’s head shape and medical history. A member of our team will then place a sock & stickers on your child’s head and take measurements. Next, using the SmartSoc® scanner, a digital image of your baby’s head will be captured.

The combination of results from the physical evaluation and numerical presentation (scan) will help to guide us toward a treatment plan. Ultimately, it is your choice if you wish for your child to undergo treatment with a cranial remolding orthosis. Should you wish to proceed, a helmet will be ordered using the scan(*+) and additional appointments are necessary as described below.

Don’t forget to have fun with the design! See how you can personalize your baby’s helmet by clicking on the following link: Orthomerica Transfer Patterns

Delivery appointment: This is when you get the helmet! We will make sure the device fits appropriately and that you are comfortable with putting on and taking off the helmet. You will also be provided with a packet of instructions and our contact information so you can reach out if you have a question or concern.

Follow ups: Follow up appointments are REQUIRED for cranial remolding treatment to be successful. Your clinician will discuss the expected follow up schedule as it best fits your child, but typically every few weeks until the patient’s clinical goals have been met an office visit will be required. Every so often an additional scan will be captured during a follow up appointment to view your child’s progress.

Outside of office visits, compliance with wear is the key to success with cranial remolding treatment.

* Please note that all insurance companies have different criteria that have to be met in order for a cranial remolding orthosis to be a covered item. Sometimes this means that a specific type of physician must be seen in addition to the pediatrician. If this is the case for your insurance, you will be notified and we will help to facilitate any further action.

+ In order to comply with FDA regulations, if there are circumstances which are known to prevent immediate coverage of the device (ex: prior authorization is necessary, surgical specialist needs to be seen, etc.), an additional appointment will be required in which another scan is taken to order the helmet.

All above photos and graphics are courtesy of Orthomerica Products.