I’m proud to be the first clinical hire by Jim Del Bianco back in 2011.  I grew up on Long Island, NY and received my bachelor degree at at SUNY Stony Brook.  From there I attended the Newington Certificate P&O program in Connecticut graduating in 1996 (yes, the 90’s).  I did my residency at the University of Virginia where I picked up my hand skills from a technician who was from Kiev (as it used to be called), Ukraine.   Loved his vodka. 

From 1999-2007 I worked at UNC Chapel Hill (Atlantic P&O) where I was anointed the facility manager/head of orthotics.  Seeking more prosthetic work I moved on to Duke University (COPC) from 2007-2011.  The promise of prosthetics never materialized at COPC so I contacted the promising young owner of Del Bianco P&O.  Jim was kind enough to offer me the job and I finally tackled some prosthetics.   

In my spare time I enjoy keeping a nice yard, playing golf and ice hockey. My wife and I have 2 young children, Juliana (6) and Radek (4).  We chose Radek because my wife and I are both Slovak and Polish.   There were a few pro hockey players from Slovakia and I always liked the name.  Plus, it means “happy” which he is 75% of the time. 

We do not have any pets although we did have 2 dogs but they have since passed.  My wife and kids bug me to get a dog but I still have PTSD from Geno.  As Jim D. knows Geno was a sweet, wonderful rescue dog but had severe separation anxiety (due to his terrible previous owners).  Long story short, with root canals, stomach surgery, doggie daycare 5x/week we estimated he cost us ~$40-$50K.  I figure this won us some points with the man upstairs.