Resident Clinician

My name is Travis, husband to Kelsey, I started my 18-month residency on July 6th, 2021. Kelsey and I moved to North Carolina from downtown St. Paul Minnesota in June to both fulfill this chapter of my education and to escape the cold. I graduated from Concordia University in St. Paul with a BS in Kinesiology, then a Master of Science in Orthotics & Prosthetics. While completing the graduate program, I worked as a technician for Motion Unlimited. During my time there, I primarily worked with plaster adding all the build-up’s necessary to produce the pre-Preg carbon AFO’s and KAFO’s. Beyond that, I enjoy Skiing, Biking, Longboarding, Hiking, painting, Fantasy books and TV shows, playing video games with my buddies, going out to dinner with my wife, and grabbing drinks with friends. I have learned quite a lot from my time being mentored by Chandler and Charles in apex, great insight from the clinicians while on hospital at duke, and now from Jim, Phil, and the admin team here at Rex. ​